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Our Promise

  • GMO-Free

    Animals raised without feeding genetically modified organisms such as GMO corn or soybeans. All of our products are GMO-free.

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  • Grass-fed (No Grain)

    100% of the diet of our grassfed animals consists of freshly grazed pasture and hay cut from our farm. Salt & mineral, as well as apple cider vinegar, is given on a free choice basis.

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  • Hormones or Steroids

    The FDA does not allow the use hormones or antibiotics in the production of beef or poultry.

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  • No Antibiotics

    Our natural production practices eliminates the need for sub therapeutic (daily fed low level dose) medications that are commonly used in confinement production systems. However, in certain cases to prevent animals from death or suffering we do allow for limited use of therapeutic (spot treatment) medication. With this decision these animals are separated and taken out of our production system. They are held for the specified allotted time and then taken to a local sell barn. We feel that this practice is helpful and practical to ensure you receive a clean product and wise stewardship of our livestock.

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  • Pasture-Raised

    As the seasons allow annimals are raised in the open pasture or fields.

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  • Winter Housed

    To raise our high quality eggs, 180 Farms hens are seasonally accommodated in a deep bedded hoop structure during winter.

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